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In 2017, a new tradition began. Fall Fest on Main held a Chili Cook-Off on Friday evening, the night before all the festivities on Saturday. 

Chili Cook-Off information:  


There are two ways to participate - Cook or Consume!

Cooking Rules:


1. Bring a big roaster or two crock pots of chili. This is just to make sure that everyone can taste your chili and have the chance to vote for you.

2. Bring your own table, server, power strip, and decorations. We as a committee will not have enough to provide for everybody, so bringing your own will make it easier on everybody.

3. Set up will begin at 5:00pm. You can START at this time, and you will need to be DONE by 5:45 so that voters do not have to wait on you.

4. Be creative! We want to see all kinds of chili, presentations, and personalities here. You might even win an extra prize for this!


- $5 all you can eat

- Receive tickets to vote for your favorite chili 


- 1st ($100 and trophy), 2nd ($50)

Cooks: Register HERE.



Saturday, october 7, 2023 I MAIN STREET I Walnut, Illinois

Fall Fest

on Main

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